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The peaceful, soothing music on these CD's can help you relax and unwind. 

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Pachelbel Peace 


Pachelbel's Canon with nature sounds.

Relax to one of the world's best-loved melodies - Pachelbel's celebrated "Canon" - uniquely arranged for a variety of instrumental and natural sounds. Refresh your spirit with the soothing sounds of gently flowing streams and rivers, and early morning birdcalls, interspersed with serene, calming music. Rejuvenate and revitalize yourself with Pachelbel Peace! (Over 60 minutes in length)

Enjoy Pachelbel Peace while you relax and unwind.

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Paul Christopher

Piano, keyboards, and string orchestra

Enjoy an intimate piano and viola dialog, accompanied by a satin-smooth symphonic string ensemble. Truly a peaceful, refreshing listening experience. 

"A refreshing, classically-oriented, new age sound that is a satisfying discovery to thousands of listeners. A delicate and absorbing sound, Lavender is sure to give rise to many images and sensations once it fills the air around you. It is as fresh as the breeze on a hyacinth-covered open field, yet as elegant as a candlelight dinner for two high above Park Avenue. It is as comforting as thoughts of love, yet subtle as unspoken words. It lets you choose the state of being you wish to experience." Margaret McCoy, Virginia Pathways Newspaper.

"It's a beautiful CD!" John Beaudin, QMFM, Vancouver, BC
"My listeners loved Lavender!" Susan Mullis, WWUH, Hartford, CT
"Absolutely smooth! Quality music like Paul Christopher's is rare." John Pemble, KTPR, Fort Dodge IA
"Outstanding!" Eric Moon, WLKA, Rochester, NY
"We hope you continue to produce such fine music!" Andrea Springer, KHCC, Hutchinson, KS


November Afternoon
Autumn Field
Riverside Drive
Cecilia's Romance
Emerald Lake


All twelve tracks on Lavender are known for their soothing and calming effect. If you have insomnia, playing it before you sleep may help you rest more deeply. 

ARY 101

Earth Love

Medwyn Goodall

Double CD by Medwyn Goodall, keyboards and nature sounds

Haunting pan flute melodies are accompanied by ocean waves washing a rocky shore. Distant sea birds and dolphins call out. Birds sing high in the trees as a brook trickles over the forest floor below. Flute and guitar serenade us with simple melody. Breathe deep and easy. Hear the music of man and nature as one. Love the earth and renew your life! 

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