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Lifedance was a pioneering distributor of music CDs
for gift shops and bookstores. 
If you are among the many retailers who
enjoyed success with our music CDs
when Lifedance was still active,
and would like to continue carrying our music CDs,
then you are welcome to order directly from us.
Please phone us at 506 955-3939.


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We carry many of the most popular CDs 
formerly available from Lifedance Distribution. 
Whether you are a former Lifedance music customer,
or would just like to start sell music CDs in your store, 
phone us now. We will be pleased to assist you.


We carry instrumental music compact discs from artists such as

John Arpin   Paul Christopher   Alden David   Di Scherling   

Peter Triggvi   Steve Hall   Emile Pandolfi


We offer excellent service,
and an attractive selection of instrumental music CDs
that will create a pleasant ambiance in your store.

Phone us now at 506 955-3939 for assistance.


Learn how easy it is to sell April Avenue Music CDs


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John Arpin
Alden David
Paul Christopher

Di Scherling
Peter Triggvi Emile Pandolfi
Steve Hall


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