Lavender CD Review

Domani Magazine Review of Lavender, December 1999

(Lavender is a CD created by Machiko Yamane and Paul Christopher Musgrave.)

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Every track feels good. Listen to Lavender at the end of the day to unwind and sleep soundly. The outstanding first and 5th tracks are my personal favorites.
Maho Toyota, actress.

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ラベンダー ?ール クリストファー 日本??輸...盤???--り扱? "アノ? ?'?CD??'曲目?5曲目?飛?抜?'? 晴ら??。寂??曲?????????心地よ???られる。?る????'???'??優??気???????り れ??。 ?よ?真帆 (女優)


Lavender by Paul Christopher Musgrave



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