Lavender CD Review

AdLib Magazine Review of Lavender, September 1993

(Lavender is a CD created by Machiko Yamane and Paul Christopher Musgrave.)

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Pastel watercolor landscapes come to mind as you listen to this CD by Canadian pianist Paul Christopher. Evoking Canada's spectacular natural scenery, Lavender's piano melodies are ineffably beautiful, and tastefully orchestrated. If you like David Foster or Yuriko Nakamura, I highly recommend this CD. You'll dream in fields of blooming lavender.
Kazunori Ikebe

Alternatively, copy the following Japanese text, and paste it into Google Translate.

カナダ?雄大?自然'想??るキーボード?...?NAC?NAM作 淡?水彩????れ?'枚?風景"'見??る様?気分??????れる?"?作"???カナダ?キーボード?...?Pクリストファー?アル? 。 ????所?...??れ?ストリングス'?ック??カナダ?雄大?自然'想??るNAC?NAM?通?るサウンド??Dフォスターや中?'"利???り?好???人???...オススメ。 日本人'ートナー(奥?"?)マ?コヤマ?作?曲も?アル? コンセプト?"ッタリ。'?本?指???る美???るメロディ?。。。。。野原一??'??乱れるラベンダー'?見る夢。  ( 辺'憲)


Lavender by Paul Christopher Musgrave



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